Love is all you need; along with some business skills…

Namaste lovely audience

Today was my last sculpture class at Capilano University. 

Even though I am sad that it had to come to an end, it is also one step closer to my journey of being a yoga instructor up in the big wild north. 

Scary really- there are so many little decisions that need to be made- hopefully I make the correct ones, so that I will be coming back to Vancouver in the fall with a happier bank account so I don’t have to eat rice crackers and apricot jam everyday while I attend art school, that is if I even get accepted. 


My brain is full of anxiety. 

a good night’s rest and a morning class of yoga shall help unravel things a bit for me tomorrow. 

I have been in contact with people up north- trying to make the magic happen. 

Sending good vibes to my higher self tonight, no matter what happens, I will make things work… Someway – I am hoping my summer will be prosperous and positive. 

One thing I love about myself tonight is: I am living my dream. 🙂 


Om Shanti, Om Peace 





Can somebody please give this clown some matches please?

I’m going to be graduating soon, its like I’m sitting in a cannon at the circus, aimed straight up to the stars. The clown now just has to find his matches so I can be launched into…. I’m not sure what exactly. My art and my writing has been put on the back burner for  a few months now and I am on the verge of throwing a can of paint at my bedroom wall and just finger painting like a five year old. I am so in need of artistic expression right now. Grad, Scholarships, Prom, Guests, Bursaries, Work, Baby Goats, School, Exams, Transcripts, Applications are whats on my mind right now… Oh and food. Cant forget food. I’ve been tempted to create another blog to share my recipes and restaurant recommendations. I suffer from IBS, so I have quite the restricted diet,. (no gluten, wheat, dairy, high sugar content, caffeine, oh and did I mention pretty much anything tasty?) Its hard to find resources online, so I was tempted to just create my own for others. Just a thought. But at the moment I feel like I am carrying to many thoughts right now and I may just fall down flight of stairs metaphorically before all this graduation hoo-hah is done and over with.

If a clown asks you if you have any matches to spare…

Please just give them to him.


This is Bella, one of the four baby goats I am looking after.Image

Oh hey there…

It’s amazing how much living can take up your time, like geez it’s almost like I’ve orphaned my blog.

It has been sitting here patiently waiting to be visited and I have ignored it for months. ok ok it’s not human but still, I find that writing helps me de-stress, and lately the stress has been tearing away at me like a miniature saber tooth tiger in my brain.

Then I realise “oh I havent really written anything lately”

When stress comes knocking some people punch walls, kill kittens or do drugs to de-stress.

I do this silly little thing called writing.

something satisfying comes from writing. especially poetry when you have a lot of emotion to let out.

Not that I show anybody my poetry, it would probably make my english teacher hurl at the sight of my stanzas and limericks and lack of rhymes. but who really cares?

It’s for me, so maybe when I’m six feet under the ground or in outer space (who knows how they will dispose of bodies when it comes time for me to kick the bucket) maybe some little granddaughter or great great great granddaughter will open up my diaries, and seriously come to the conclusion that her ancestor was a legit nutcase.

my thoughts are not like clock work. If you have read my writing before you will nod your head in agreement and wonder why this kid is in grade twelve and not in grade three still. or if you have been in my presence for more than three minutes you will realize that yes, this kid is not normal.

So I am not  exactly positive that my writing will help me pay the bills, it’d be convenient because I could be like J.K. Rowling and write on napkins in a restaurant and then end up sleeping on gold infused satin sheets….

Not that money is what I am striving for. I just think that if your career involved something that was stress reducing you could prevent stress from happening because you’re getting paid to relieve your stress already.

haha I am brilliant. But here’s the stressful part. Who would wanna read my daily scribbles. I am not like Charlie brown or Kim Kardashian, I don’t have a way “in” already.

I am just one of those measly artists who takes any opportunity to get paid for what shes loves, no matter how many cats she has to fight against to get that last piece of pizza laying in the back alley in some dreadful slum because I WILL NOT WORK AT MCDONALDS. Hah just kidding, I’ll make sure to find a nice place to be unemployed. Maybe near an Italian restaurant.

Damn, can’t eat pasta.

hmm maybe behind a chinese restaurant?

or maybe I should just work hard to get a job;

yah that sounds like a better idea.

But I must say a “Lady and the Tramp” style dinner date would be romantic in a cheap university student sort of way.

So what am I writing about? I have no clue? Oh right orphaning my blog. and how I shouldnt really orphan it because this orphan helps me out a lot. You could say I am one of those highly sensitive artistic people who talk too much and have this skill of  taking on to much and then burning out like a light bulb.

So what keeps ping ponging through my mind is one simple thing…

What the hell am I going to do when I move out of my parent’s well fluffed, safe, food filled, toilet paper always on the roll nest?