Oh yeah… I have a blog…

So it has definitely been a while since I have written on here-

So here is an update:

I have moved from the dry cabin back up the Dome – into a lovely studio apartment which I share with Scott. I still work at the Youth Centre, and I have been madly busy creating artwork for two events. I currently have art displayed at Soup Wallah, a cafe in my hometown, Fort St. James, B.C. and just this past Saturday (Yesterday) shared a table with a fellow artist and sold the majority of my paintings at the KIAC Christmas Art and Craft Fair.

I am now slightly exhausted and nauseated by the idea of painting- as my mind and hands have been turned into a factory this past few months. I am looking forward to the few commissions I have picked up, and going back to some larger pieces of artwork I had started in the fall.

If you found my website via my impromptu potato stamp business cards, handed out at the craft fair, WELCOME! And thanks for the visit. You can find my art- (Freshly updated) by scrolling to the top of the blog and clicking on “My Art”- That will direct you to a page filled with galleries of artwork that I successfully remembered to take pictures of –





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