Well Would You Look At That. Thanks Yukon News!

My portrait of Roch Boivin has made the newspaper!

Thank  you Glenda (My awesome roommate) for the photo! DSCN9701




If you would like to read the article- just click here: http://yukon-news.com/arts/string-theory-tied-together-by-creative-limitations/

Happy Valentines Day !



3 thoughts on “Well Would You Look At That. Thanks Yukon News!

  1. I just followed you from Dave Brosha Photography on FB. Love the artwork you did from his photograph, and I love your artwork on your site. I love discovering new talent, especially fellow Canadians. Congratulations on the newspaper article, and on impressing Dave Brosha.

    • Thank you so much for all your kind words! And yes- my portrait of Roch has been one of my favourite projects I have done while attending art school- Dave Brosha’s photography is simply stunning and very inspirational. The very moment I saw the front cover of Yukon North Of Ordinary with his photograph- I just had to paint it. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the blog and gallery photos- Sally DeMerchant

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