‘The epic journey of our species’: Ancient baby a direct ancestor of today’s Native Americans, his DNA reveals

National Post | News

The child was covered in red ochre 12,600 years ago and buried with a trove of stone and bone tools on a grassy hillside in Montana.

He’s now being held up as proof that most of today’s Native Americans are descendants of the first people to settle successfully in the Americas.

“It’s almost like a missing link,” says researcher Eske Willerslev, of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, who headed the international team that laid bare the child’s genome on Wednesday in the journal Nature.

He and his colleagues say it not only confirms the Asian ancestry of the first North Americans but also reveals the boy is related to most Native Americans today.

Sarah L. Anzick Sarah L. Anzick

Sarah L. Anzick Sarah L. Anzick

The boy, who was little more than a year old when he died of unknown causes, was buried near a rocky outcropping in Montana on land that is now owned by…

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