Start collecting canned beans. Run for the hills. I’m Warning ya…

Howdy Folks,

So this blog will temporarily be a host to my homework assignments.

First, let’s have a conversation.

Okay, you pretend to be the excited, loving grandma.


Are you in character yet?


Here we go. Let’s not make this awkward.

You: “How is school my [Insert loving nickname here]”

Me: “Well, I’m still alive. I have not become a raging alcoholic. And I still have all my fingers.  That’s all that counts doesn’t it?”

You: “Well okay sweetie…”

Me: “Oh and I know how to make tofu chicken nuggets.”

You: “That’s nice.”

Me: “And I passed all my classes last term.”


Me: “Yeah.”

You: “No Yukon men in your life, [insert cute nickname]?”

Me: “No Grandma, I rarely have time to shower, let alone to socialize with humans… To much homework.”

You: “Oh.”

Me: “But I do know how to run a snowmobile now.”

You: “That’s my girl!”

Me: “Thanks Grandma. I love you.”

Here is my “Official Homework Blog” – Maybe you’d like to take a peek if you are indeed interested in reading my homework posts in the near future and what to check out the interesting podcasts, discussions, etc.. .

My teacher is a pretty cool cat.

And so are ALL my grandmas (nana included).

And for those still curious:

I have not yet lost any body parts to frostbite.


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