What is Yoga ? Union

Sally Om Shanti

Namaste and Happy Sunday

What is Yoga ? 



Yoga is usually translated from Sanskrit as meaning ‘union’. This implies the union of the mind, body and spirit as well as the union of the individual psyche with the transcendental Self. (Atman with Brahman) In simpler terms, “Yoga is the unification of the web of dualities” – Yoga Bija. 

To be in a state of yoga requires letting go and going beyond binary thinking to acknowledge certain things.

For example; the ability to acknowledge and accept  that the opposition between mind and heart is illusory.

It is easy to see the interconnection between the body and mind- notice how your thoughts charged with a certain emotion cause the breath to become shortened, agitating the heart rate.

This leaves me thinking what does union of the body, mind, and spirit really mean? It can be quite a lot to wrap the…

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