Stepping out of my comfort zone- one sweat droplet at a time.

More wet grey downpour.
Chiropractor appointment.
Referral to physiotherapy.

Lay in bed kicking myself for being so useless. (I do this every time I end up napping mid day)

Pay admission fees for university application.
Realize I have only until the end of March to complete any old assignments as well as get my first aid.
Mild panic attack.

Inspirational phone call from mom.

Find myself booking a hot yoga class at Yogapod.

Did I mention I had a fear of hot yoga?
I needed to get six more community classes under my belt before the end if March- for yoga teacher training; this assignment was put on hold because of my back injury until recently and this hot yoga class popped up.
Being double jointed I had a fear of hyper extending something in a room of high temperatures, and I had heard that hot yoga wasn’t the best for IBS.
I kept putting off trying hot yoga because of these, and many other fears. But tonight I decided to screw the comfort zone and throw myself into this sweaty, muscle burning adventure to escape the dreary grey days of Pineapple Express- Vancouver style.
I must say I enjoyed the class, I felt the instructor created a safe space, and even though I was intimidated by the advanced yogis surrounding me-I did what I could, listening to my recovering back injury.
It was nice really, to do yoga even though it was for homework – I was able to tap back into yoga without anxiety, away from the classroom setting.
The only thing I didn’t really prepare for was the amount of sweat – amazing what the body can do, but it made my yoga mat more of a slip n’ slide, making downward facing dog more challenging than usual.
I left the class feeling amazing, energized and refreshed.
I definitely will be doing another hot yoga class soon.

One thing I love about myself today is: I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was ready – today I learned I liked something completely new- and I wouldn’t of known that unless I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone.
I’m pleased with myself.

Goodnight lovelies xx


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