Today I got hit by a cat falling from the sky.

It’s raining cats and dogs here. I’m serious, it’s just mind blowing- for a northern kid like me- its rather exciting to wear gum boots and my new rain jacket- it’s rarely justifiable to wear a rain jacket every day in Fort St. James (my homeland)
I do go a bit crazy after a few days of rain – the lack of sunlight gets to me.
But I am trying to embrace the rain- and having a bright purple jacket just makes it much more special.
Being dry and waterproof helps when trying to enjoy the temperate rainforest climate.
So yesterday I did not write a post- I came home from art class so hungry even my arm was looking appetizing – so I made some pasta sauce to go over gluten free pasta, watched an episode of Elementary, then collapsed into my bed and passed out.
I wanted to mention that I am looking for a old kitchen table- I want to make it into a silkscreen table- preferably one that is collapsible – so I don’t drive my family completely crazy with all my art stuff when I move back up north in the summer.
So anybody who is looking at their kitchen table- waiting for an opportunity to go to ikea and buy your dream table- email me for I will take it off your hands.
One thing that I love about myself today is:– my Opus apron that I now live in.

I’m totally digging sculpture class- hopefully I will be accepted into the Studio Arts program at Capilano University- so I can spend more time experimenting and immersing myself in art. So far I’ve had excellent Continuing Education instructors both at ECUAD and Cap.
Today I went grocery shopping- and not much else. Frustrating really- I want to be more productive during my day.
Though I must say- I try to do a few sudoku puzzles everyday.

Did I mention that my final project for silkscreen class is a cartoon if grumpy cat?

One thing I love about myself today is- I was once given a comment about my shoulders, I never really looked at my shoulders before, as something that is pretty to look at, but glancing at the mirror while taking off my sculpture clothes and putting on my fat pants (sweat pants) and a baggy shirt- I try to look at my body like an artist would- I try to see my body as a form, like i was going to draw a figure drawing. Shoulders are such a beautiful part of a woman’s body; the strength intertwined with beauty that runs along the shoulder blades and collarbone, how the muscles and tendons gently wrap the shoulder joints. From any angle- I found I was finding beauty in my shoulders, upper chest, and upper back. I did not think about bingo arms, back fat, or chubby arms- I looked past that, seeing in a metaphorical way how strong my shoulders are, how much weight they have carried and still carry today. How without my shoulders I would not be able to create the art work that I do; I would not have the strength to carry gallons if paint and large canvases home over transit. They are broad, not to muscular, double-jointed, and have a few freckles on the tops from summers of the past, i love them, and plan to do many sketches in front of the mirror.

Goodnight lovelies, xx


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