Exploding skulls and turkey bacon

It’s frustrating really, to have all this creativity nearly exploding from my skull and having such struggles to put it on paper for my final project. – it’s a depression trigger. So I’m off to bed with sketchbook and pencil resting on the pillow beside me. Maybe ill create something mind blowing – while sleepwalking, or I guess you would call it sleep drawing.
I hate when I am unable to be productive during my days off. Feels like I’m wasting time.
My brain hurts from thinking to much about this final project.
Fingers crossed something happens and my artist’s block dissolves.
Does anyone know of any solutions for artist’s/writer’s block ?

one thing I love about myself today is:
My unexplainable love for flowers. I just get so happy when I am around them.

Goodnight lovelies xx


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