Naked people and Fuzzy peaches…

Today was my first class ever with a nude model- I loved it! The human body is such a beautiful thing. 

Four hours of life drawing and I am drained of any comprehensible thoughts. 

I joined my roommate, landlord, and friend at the movies to watch Jack the Giant Slayer- it was nice to not over think and just relax and let my mind get lost in the fantasy world with the rather cute Jack.

My dinner consisted of French Fries and Fuzzy Peaches. 

I was tempted to not write that down in my food diary… Because it would look bad. 


Well, I’ve had my sugar and junk food for the next few weeks- 

Tomorrow I have a final project to finish for Silkscreen Class. 

As well, Sunday is always Pancake day… 

Better do some yoga and go for a few walks tomorrow. 

Wow – My blog post really is quite stale and boring tonight. 

But I’ve spent all my energy on staring at a lady in nothing but her birthday suit all day- trying to capture the movement and grace of the human body with charcoal and pencil. That is an exhausting task. So really- I do need a good night’s sleep to recover. 

One thing I love about myself today is: 

I dreamed a dream – and now I am living it. Maybe not as easy and fluffy as my dream, but if you strip away all the obstacles, pain, and frustration- there lies a silk coin purse filled with dreams just waiting to be turned into goals, and eventually, achievements.


Goodnight xx 



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