Tulips and Sunshine- great excuse for some outdoor exercise


Today I went for a walk because I could not resist but bathe in the sunlight North Vancouver was offering today.

(Fully sun-screened mind you) 

I bought a huge bouquet of tulips- in celebration of my last yoga class of my 6 week series that I had to do for my yoga practicum. 

I am very happy that I have completed it, but also sad- I really did enjoy teaching yoga, and enjoyed getting to know my students. I hope my students keep in touch- Hopefully they enjoyed my classes enough to come back to take more classes from me. 

I also completed 7 small watercolour notecards- as a thank you to my students for making the time and effort to come and spend their friday evenings on the yoga mat rather then on the couch watching netflicks. 

Tomorrow is Life Drawing class- which I have not fully completed the homework for yet… So I will up be up tomorrow quite early- hopefully early enough to slip in a brisk walk or some yoga before I head to class. 

One thing I love about myself today is: 

My belly laugh. 

Goodnight Lovelies. 



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