Country Mouse Adventures. – Lonsdale Quay Market; North Vancouver – River Market; New Westminster

Google maps are an amazing thing. As well as texting Translink (33333). 

I set off to Lonsdale Quay with a purpose. Cellphone keychains that jingle.

As well as to see the market. And what a beautiful market it is, I love markets, the food, the shops, the people, the music, the smells, all of it. Each and every market I have been too has had its own personality you could say.

I found the cell phone key chains- 


and wandered around outside-


after wandering around some more, looking for employment options I soon hopped back on the bus and headed home only to be sidetracked and got out at Park and Tillford to look for more employment options.

No luck,

so I took a path home that winds alongside a creek where you can find many happy dogs frolicking. 

Thoughts racing about lack of money and lack of employment I soon stroll into a pub… again either no one is hiring or not old enough. even though I look old enough. Damn you government and your liquor serving policies.

I then step into a little restaurant called The Pantry at the Holiday Inn and score an interview.

Lets hope this goes well.

I go home and pass out on my bed. preparing for my next adventure.

The River Market.

A friend decides to come with me, choosing to drive he cuts my hour long transit ride into a 20 minute or so car ride. What an awesome guy friend.

We get there around 6 so only parts of the market are open, like the pubs.

I have this craving to try pub food. But that is going to have to wait I guess. 

Walking around, watching tug boats, and admiring the beautiful flower gardens, I soon realize how lucky I am to have moved here. To live near the ocean is a very special experience. 


My dinner consisted of pomegranate gelato- with memories of italy floating through my mind. 

We ended our little adventure with a picture near the boats.

Until next time- 



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