Country mouse is granted a challenge from Cousin Linda


I don’t know why I am portraying myself as a country mouse…

I grew up watching “The country mouse and the city mouse” on VHS at my Nanny’s house. Yes I had a “Nanny” and a brilliant one at that.Maybe that is what has influenced me to compare myself to little mice in clothes with a non-existent budget for traveling. (I am jealous that they can just scurry onto a boat to Ireland, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT.

Moving on.

I dedicate this post to my charming, vivacious cousin Linda. Linda was bitten by the travel bug just like I was, but she has learnt the skill of riding a bike in traffic, which frankly I am terrified to attempt that in Vancouver. She’s pretty rad you could say for she has given me a challenge, that I must admit is both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Sort of like some wizard giving a knight a quest into the wild lands of god knows what to come out with a shining prize.

For me, that will be city confidence.

Which I am in great need of.

So I already failed, because my first test of mettle was today; which frankly in my comfort of my bed at 7am I decided today was the day I will break into my new art supplies. For an artist this is an exciting time, one that you set aside hours of uninterrupted time of doodling, playing, and simply relishing the fact that now you’re an “adult” and you can do what you damn well want to. So I drew portraits and dabbled with techniques.

So. Tomorrow, I will start.

My first mission is to go to New Westminster to the River Market.

here is the link to the website 🙂

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