Not Funny.

What makes a senior student well, senior? its the lack of diapers and crayons. Now we are forced to study for exams, drive vehicles and navigate our way through society. I prefer driving my pickup the other way, away from society. My history exam should be peanuts for me. its all writing. I love writing. right?

Exactly, you smile and nod thinking:

“this pathetic creature babbles to much and I have no clue why I am reading this”

But fellow writers out there, don’t you find that at some point you look at you’re writing and the only thing that comes to you is:

This is hamster shit.

I want to succeed with unicorn standard grades, not a mere naked mole rat rolling in the dirt barely passing. but how do you make something that is about history well, something that people want to read about? How do you make it todays news, instead of wrinkly, deaf, ancient news. Many of the topics I write about are still quite alive in our society today. Equality, economics, women’s rights, etc. but I don’t want to hand in a simple essay saying what everyone else is going to say I want to take it from a completely different view.
I have these ideas in my head. but rarely do they ever come out to play, steal someones ice-cream, get into a playground fight and come home with a bloody nose.
its that fear of a gigantic red “F” on my essays that scares the crap out of me for my perfectionist problem would not let that happen. so is it smarter to just be like all the other sheep and write the same blabber? or be a wolverine and fly solo and take over the world one animal carcass at a time. As you can see I have been restraining my weird sense of imagination in my essays and it is spilling out in my blog post. It’d be nice if someone answered me, maybe giving me a tip at how to express my artistic influences into my practical serious writing. because frankly. I don’t do the whole serious thing to well. that shit is for four year olds to master.