Your Summer Swimsuit Strategy (via The Good Greatsby)

Your Summer Swimsuit Strategy Summer has arrived for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  For you Southern Hemispherians, I hope you're enjoying winter as well as a respite from the full effects of the ozone hole we sent your way.  (Have you been to Australia?  It's like they have three suns down there.  You can get sunburne … Read More

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Interesting people and their blogs (via Lou & Liz)

A year without a car: Biomass Energy: Growing a Garden (5 minutes away from a supermarket): More

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Aled Knows Best, and does nice illustrations too (via wondercan)

Aled Knows Best, and does nice illustrations too Aled Knows Best is the site of designer and illustrator Aled Lewis. His drawings display an interesting use of colors and textures, but mostly his pieces are very witty and funny and make sharp references to popular culture and games. Besides his tee-shirt designs for Threadless, he does his own work and I cannot get enough of his Toy Stories series. It's just hilarious, and it is really well executed. Find some of his work below, but make sure t … Read More

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upstate aisles. (via hong-an tran)

upstate aisles. No weekend in Walton is complete without a trip to the local supermarket, which announces in a huge banner out front that it has the largest refrigerated beer section — its own room, mind you — in the region.  While everyone gathered supplies for the weekend — including, obviously, a well-chilled case of Miller High Life — I wandered around the store with the Yashica, photographing aisle upon aisle of edible wares.  There was nothing particul … Read More

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