late night thoughts. (via teghansteatime)

A few days ago a friend asked if she should start a blog. Being the beautiful and strong girl that she is I thought it could be a healthy and a satisfying challenge for her. So of course I encouraged, helped come up with a name, and subscribed asap to her adorable blog! I love how she speaks her mind, it is refreshing to hear a fellow girl not be afraid to “rock the boat”. I tend to like completely flipping the boat at times, just to mess with societies’ stereotype of an average teenager.
When I read her post, it spoke volumes to me, I could feel how much passion and determination she put in to every sentence. Controversial? yes it is, but then again…
A little bit of controversy is not a bad thing. I enjoy it. Makes you think outside of the box that you grew up in.

This is when you follow my instructions and do as I say, please 🙂 :
Picture a cute adorable puppy in massive cardboard box, this puppy is shy, scared, maybe even a bit ignorant. Each day he grows a little bit bigger when finally his nose can poke up past the edge of the box, then soon his eyes, head, shoulders, and so on…
Cute adorable puppy thought his home was just 4 brown walls.
But as he grew he discovered that there was more colour, smells, and new experiences waiting for him…
So he jumped out of his cardboard box, decided to chew on it for a little bit and went and immersed himself in his new home with his new family.
How we perceive the world and how we think it should be is the little puppy growing inside of our imagination.
Our limitations, the cardboard box.
What makes the little puppy grow is controversy, challenging opinions, a different point of veiw, what ever you may call it.
It is inspiration to think differently.
We grow up adding, deleting, organizing our thoughts and opinions on things, if we didn’t,we would be a bunch of lousy clones if we all had the same views.
Amazingly boring? I think so.
To see past your limitations, you have to grow and mature a little bit.
teghansteatime was a delicious dog cookie for my cute adorable puppy in my imagination.
If you have a open mind I recommend paying a visit to her blog!

so, late at night is when all my thoughts come to me. tonight, i want to rant about racism. i CAN’T stand it. absolutely CANNOT. racism, prejudice, & hate .. why? what’s the point? why are there people, who everyday, are persecuted for who they are? skin color, sexuality .. its not a choice; why are these people punished? because they are african american? or asian? WHY! Ronnie Dunn states it perfectly: “We all bleed red.” we taste rain, and … Read More

via teghansteatime


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