^ Nenachailya ^

Newest art project :

I grew up scribbling on paper, I’ve painted on fake wood wall paneling, I even painted a lady bug rock…But a piece of animal skin? That was new for me. Its rough in texture, uneven colour, and even somewhat fabric like in places and you know what? IT SMELLED RAUNCHY. But with all projects, you just got to sit down and start. The thing I like about native art  is  the style. It is somewhat symbolistic, you know it was a falcon, but it doesn’t scream it. It’s different then a photograph but still it tells a story. There was no blending, fussing around with colours, it was just white, blue, dark blue, green and black. It was a nice change from oil painting and pencil sketching. But it was hard for me to create accurate clean lines. I have always had trouble with that. So this was good practice at being patient and slowing down my brushstrokes. This was a gift for a principal who was a massive Canucks fan. Hence the blue, white, and green and “go Canucks go” on the sides.

I never got to see my principal’s reaction when he was given the drum, but I sure hope he liked it.

” Nenachailya ” Means thank you for the favor/ good deed done for us, you honor us in the local Carrier language.


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