Pulling weeds and counting seeds…

Started at 5 bucks an hour taking care of gardens and greenhouses when i was a kid. I am still employed by the same guy, and also got hired by 2 other employers for summer jobs.

though my wage has gone up triple the amount i started with, I still love it as much as when I started.

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Canadian Comedy : Dream Job

Jimmy Fallon

My own show? About me? hah I don't think so. I wouldn't want to live with a camera in my face constantly, or have my whole day planned out by some director who dosn't even know what my favorite Gelato is, lets face it…They would have to come up with a script because my life isn't that interesting. I am pretty sure even potential stalkers wouldn't tune in. My show would be my job and the cameras would stay at work. I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a show like Saturday Night Live or maybe work for them. Life is to short to be serious, and if your getting paid to do something that is completely the opposite I think that is freakin' awesome. I like the drama, the sports, and the news but everybody needs some humor in their life. Maybe I'll stick with my canadian roots and become Rick Mercer's protege, if I'm going to have a show might as well love it eh?

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What's Worth Waiting in Long Lines

Airplane flights to somewhere exciting


Really really good restaurants. Like Dim Sum 🙂

I forget how long it was, but once my Soccer team was stuck in a traffic jam so we got out of the bus and started doing areobics in the middle of the highway down in the Okanogan. Pre legit way to wait for traffic to move if you ask me.

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